<Despair> Recruiting

Merrilin posted Jun 1, 16

Despair is currently recruiting for a weekend raid team. The Raid Team raids from 6pm Pacific Time (8PM Central, 9PM Easter) until 830pm Pacific Time. We are currently in need of a ranged DPS for the team. Gear is not an issue, as we can easily take care of any needs. All we ask is that you have a basic understanding of your class and rotation and that you are looking to have fun with a group of players who get together 2 nights a week to play the game together. We are not a hardcore progressive raiding group, but we currently are focused on clearing the HM Priority of the Week and any other HM's that we can have fun doing and that would benefit the team as we move towards our ultimate goal of starting NiM Progression.

Any person wanting to join must be able to use Mumble, does not mind wiping, and understands that this is a group of adults who engage in mature chats while raiding. We are also looking for any individuals who are willing to substitute on an as needed basis as tanks or healers, or any individuals who are looking to help us as we expand and create new raid teams. Anyone who wants to join our guild is free to submit an application on the website.  

Daddio I would like to take the Ranged DPS spot.

Guild Runs

Merrilin posted Nov 25, 15

If you are interested in doing guild runs (either in 8m or 16m depending on how many people we have on, interested) take the time to let us know which toon you want to bring and the role you are able to bring. Please note that the Guild Runs are separate from the individual team runs, and you should make sure that you are not getting a raid team toon locked out during the guild runs.

Guild Runs are tentatively scheduled for Thursday Nights at 6 p.m. Server time, and run until 830 p.m. Server Time. We will do our best to get everyone in that wants to go, but priority will always be given to those who have signed up. Other rules and requirements may be posted at a future time so it is your responsibility to check the website.

Sign-ups can be found here