It has been an interesting holiday season with lots of excitement and new people!  We welcome all our new members and look forward to bringing in the new year with you!  Keep checking back here for more information about what is coming in 2016!

December 16 Mans

Mongo a posted Dec 17, 15

Just a heads up we likely will not be having our regular thursday 16 man raids as we expect many will be busy with seeing Star Wars and then Christmas.  All other raids are expected to happen and there will likely be 8 man pickup raids on Thursday.  Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving Despair!

Mongo a posted Nov 26, 15

It's time to be thankful and we want to really express how thankful we are to our loyal members, as well as all of those who are new to our ranks!  We are looking forward to continuing to raid and progress while having a really good time.    As this marks yet another chapter in the evolution and life of Despair, as well as all the changes that came with 4.0 and the re-balancing of raids I have reset the raid progression for the guild.

Eat lots of turkey and have an awesome Thanksgiving!

Guild Runs

Merrilin posted Nov 25, 15

If you are interested in doing guild runs (either in 8m or 16m depending on how many people we have on, interested) take the time to let us know which toon you want to bring and the role you are able to bring. Please note that the Guild Runs are separate from the individual team runs, and you should make sure that you are not getting a raid team toon locked out during the guild runs.

Guild Runs are tentatively scheduled for Thursday Nights at 6 p.m. Server time, and run until 830 p.m. Server Time. We will do our best to get everyone in that wants to go, but priority will always be given to those who have signed up. Other rules and requirements may be posted at a future time so it is your responsibility to check the website.

Sign-ups can be found here