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Guild Ships, Inc!

Filmadus a posted Thu at 17:16
PLEASE MAIL ALL DONATIONS TO FILMADUS-V here is the list of what we need still to make our kits. If it ain't listed, we don't need it.  We have 4 days left to have it all together before launch, so dig through your locker and start running those missions. Please note hundreads translate as stacks so 288 = 2 stacks + 88. Underworld metals are doubled up because they are used in both industrial and synthetic prefab kits.


Nextor (lvl 2 power crystal) 288
Upari Crystal (lvl 6) 80
Ancient Artifact (3)  390
Lost artifact (level 1) 315
Hypertech Artifact (lvl 5) 200
Underworld Trading Luxury Fabrics

Rodian Flame 202
Sept silk 66
lashaa silk 260
shimmersilk 236
killik silk 272
hypercloth 767
nanite threaded cloth 194
denebrian star silk 195
nanosilk 1342

Underworld Trading Underworld Metal

Mullinine 320 + 1417
Allusteel 224 +484
krayt dragon scales 336 + 490
xonolite 1053 +1333
ciridium 483
mandolorian iron 284 + 370
Beryllius 472 +288
titanium 229 + 1449
Neuranium 245 + 486
Promethium 368 + 500
Quadranium 95 + 1379

bio energy cell sample (lvl 3) 608
unknown microorganism (lvl3) 528
toxic extract (lvl 2) 242
inert virus (lvl 4) 553
quick growth agent (lvl 5) 542
alien bacteria 720
Immunity cell culture (lvl 6) 117
mutagenic paste (lvl 6) 300
hallucanogentic compound (lvl 3) 767
genetic anomaly (lvl 2) 680
medicinal fluid lvl 3 (684)
blue goo (lvl 3) 672
Psychoactive compound (lvl 5) 406
cosmic trace particle (lvl 4) 509
Nerve damaging chemical (lvl 4) 671

electrum (lvl 5) 380
chanlon (lvl 2) 592
bondite 75
Artifice color crystals

Lvl 2 red 860
lvl 3 red 793
lvl 4 red 764
lvl 5 red 765
lvl 6 red 469
lvl 9 red 178

lvl 2 blue 862
lvl 3 blue 874
lvl 4 blue 718
lvl 5 blue 675
lvl 6 blue 497

lvl 2 green 805
lvl 3 green 869
lvl 4 green 709
lvl 5 green 713
lvl 6 green 333
Treasure Hunting

Corusca gem 218
Mytag Crystal 410
lorridan 460
Prismatic crystal (lvl 5) 927
Ice jewel (lvl 4) 412
Nova Crystal (lvl 5) 339
Sunblaze (lvl 4)721
Maralite (lvl 2) 1236
Krayt dragon pearl (lvl 3) 432
Chrysopaz (lvl 2) 408
Tatooine Flame Gem (lvl 3) 1216

Radioactive Paste 364
Medical Grade injector 872
Molecular Programmer 1373
nero-stimulator 1017
Experimental Serum 1117
Synthetic blood 1122
Miracle fluid 453
Iredescent goo 415
Mechanical sybiote 425
bioelectric toxin 437
smart cells 198
Slicing (blues no purples)

Lvl 2 slicng components 375 + 396
lvl 3 slicing components 155 +445 +500
lvl 4 slicing component 455 + 470
lvl 5 slicing component 573 +491
lvl 6 slicing component 464 +275

To be announced

We all enjoy the mumble server, and because it is the central hub around which all of our swtor activities revolve, this deserves front page billing. 

Our mumble server is set to expire in November. Cost to run are about 50.00 annually. If we are going to maintain and independent mumble server beholden to noone but Despair then it is up to Despair to fund it.  So I come to you, friends and fellow gamers and ask you to donate a portion, fraction, whatever you can genuinely afford, towards the mumble server costs betwen now and November 1st when the server is due to shut down.

Simply login to your paypal, and select donate to a friend. most of you have my cell number, but for those that don't email works too:

Thank you in advance for keeping the guild running. Without all of you,  it's just a tag and and empty guild bank.


8-Man Dread Palace Downed!

Psion a posted Oct 6, 13

After a long battle, Despair took down the Dread Masters in 8-Man SM! Good job everyone!
Filmadus a Well done, gratz all around, espescially the guys that worked on this over the weekend but couldnt be here for the final ...
Arcusic Agreed! Best fight in the game to date!
Caedus Best fight in SWTOR yet!
Despair is a 16-man raid progression guild on The Harbinger server. We do 8-man raids on occasion, but they are with the intent of slowing things down, learning the mechanics and taking that knowledge and footwork back to 16-man operations. Raid times are Tues-Thurs. If you cannot make most of these days and/or do not want to raid heavily in 16-man Hard Mode, then you have to consider that this may not be the guild for you.

Guild Policy

The Following are a list of rules and expectations that any Core member of Despair or above who wishes to participate in "Operations" must abide by. Failure to do so may result in removal from the guild followed by party with cake that you won't be invited to.

1.) Show up.
Real life comes 1st. We recognize that this is a guild of adults. All of whom maintain active lives and families outside of guild. We highly suggest everyone attend Raids as often as possible to ensure the most consistent level of raiding for the guild as possible. However, if you are in game, we expect you to be there. Other people have set aside their personal plans to be online and ready to game for a set time. You not coming or showing up late shows a total lack of respect for them and their time. It may be your $15, but it's our $400. You are assumed to be at raid unless you let an officer know you can't so we can replace you before raid begins. Raiding the commendation runs is not mandatory. Being a Core member, however, is Progression Raiding. If the plan of the night is Progression raiding and you've comitted to that team to being there, we expect you to honor that comittment or expect to be replaced at some point.

2.) Read up
We all have other commitments; a spouse, school, work, children, some people have all four. You can AND need to find a few minutes at some point, before the raid, to actually go and check out a video about the upcoming encounter. Having a general idea of what's going on helps tremendously, and cuts down on the overall number of wipes. Wiping isn't fun. Necessary during progression yes, but eliminating needless wipes is everyones responsibility.

3.) Shut up!
If you are not a Raid Leader, or an Officer , do not add your two cents on what your guild mates should be doing. 1. Its annoying. 2. Its confusing to have many voices yelling out during the fights. You can send a whisper, guildchat, ops type if we arent in the middle of a fight, but unless we are releasing and jogging back, assessing what went worng and talking about what we can change, keep it out of voice. Really. I love talking as much as the next person, but there is a time and place for everything, during a boss pull is not the time to tell us about your new boyfriend, or what you had for dinner. I'm as guilty as anyone, but when someone calls out 'lets focus' or 'clear mumble' it's not a matter of rank, but a matter of respect. Simple as that. Despair does not need a Chatty Cathy during a new boss pull or while we're trying to distribute loot. By all means, tell us about how sexy your new boyfriend Mike looks in his banana hammock, but for the love of Buddah, wait until business is no longer at hand. Besides that, go nuts! (Haha, nuts.)

4.) Focus up
I know from personal experience that long day at the office followed by hours of wiping is as fun as putting your junk in a pencil sharpener. (BTW, if your junk can fit in a pencil sharpener, you have more problems than we can ever hope to address.) But on each and every pull everyone, from the tank to the weakest DPS, needs to give it their all. That means, but is not limited to , turning the TV off, closing your computer room door, and turning off your music. Concentrate for a few minutes, so we can down the challenge ahead of us, and move on. No one gets loot if we don't smash the piƱata.

5.) Ease up
We all know how to curse, and sometimes it can be funny. Other can just simply be offensive. That being said we are all for cursing, but were not ok with racial, ethnic, or sexual put downs. If you have a funny joke to tell think about the people you are playing with first. Some of them are married to the type of person you are telling a spiteful joke about. Some of them may very well be the very subject of the joke. We're not saying you can't say Black, Chinese, or even Jew, were just asking that you not use the no-no words. (And we all know the no- no words, the words that would get you killed if you say them to the wrong person...yeah those words.) "Why, can't I tell any kind of joke I want" you may ask, since Despair is all about fun. Well, number one were about fun, but were about the kind of fun that doesn't go out of its way to be malicious. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn't tell the joke to the kind of person it's about, then keep it to yourself. And while we are on the subject: Debby Downers, Moaning Myrtles and Vicky Victims are more than welcome to keep it out of mumble as well. Misery loves company, but we are here to be guildies, friends even, but not your mom. He who makes a habit of troubling his friends soon finds he has fewer friends. ~Phil Madus

6.) Que up
If you join a guild and automatically expect that people must help you with quest or they have to run a Flashpoint with you, then you are out of your mind. The guild exist for one reason and only one reason, and that is to have fun. If someone doesn't think running a flash point right now would be fun, they are not required to. If you are not ok with that idea, then do everyone a favor and do not apply. Or if you are a member of the guild already, consider recruitment. Recruiting like-minded individuals to the guild not only enhances your network of friends and access to people with similar interests, but every new member exponentially has that same effect for every other member of the guild as well. Snowballs become avalanches, and that person today who didn't think running a flashpoint would be fun may just opt in as that final guy you're looking for tomorrow once he/she sees how much fun you ARE having.

7.) Toughen Up
You will be under the microscope. When the logs are printed up and one person has done twice as much damage as another of the same class and spec, you will be publicly called out. Don't like that? Don't apply. This game is about fun for sure, but what is fun about wiping to a boss for several hours? In this game the developer has set up a few bars for the players to reach as a team. If the team fails to reach that bar, then it's time for the raid leader to examine why. It could be the strategy, or it could be, the party make up. But more often than not it's a few individuals who are holding the entire group back. Don't be one of them. And if you are one of them, expect that we are going to come to you to try and fix that problem. The end game and being part of a progression team is no longer about just you. Even if you, as a player, are THE #1 ranked <insert role/class> whatever, you are still only 1/16 or at best 1/8 of the team. The guild willnot, cannot, be carried by any one player. It is a team effort at the end of the day, and as such we have to be accountable to them, each and every one of us, as individuals, if we are going to see that next boss or that next level of content. Then 50 years from now you can sit in your rocking chair and tell your grandkids about the epic fight between you, your entorage, and the great Kell Dragon.

8.) Gearing up
Ah the love of my life and the bane of my existence. Let's all be honest for just a minute. We may play this game because we love Star Wars, or love MMO's. Hell, we may even play it because we love the story, but when it comes to raiding , we all play for the loot. Not one person has ever gone to a raid in any MMO, and said "No, I don't want that awesome (insert Item of OMG-UBER), I like my cardboard sword better." And if they did they are a lying sack of crap. We all want our avatar to be the best they possibly can and to do that we need gear. So when an item drops that you think your avatar can not possibly live without and you want it, chances are so do another five people. Let me spell it out
Not my fault, it's not Despairs fault, it's not even ayour fault. It's a part of the games design mechanics, to get us all to play longer. If the idea of killing a boss and not getting anything for your trouble is so abrasive, you may want to pick another genre of game other than MMOs.

9.) Listen up
If there is ever a conflict (and you can bet your A$$ there will be plenty) what one officers says is the final verdict. Asking Filmadus if you can get X item on reserve and being told no, but then attempting to ask Annie the same thing is a sure fire way to land in the dog house. News flash, the officers talk to each other. There is no way to put them at odds, so don't bother, we have been down this road quite a few times, and it just ends in tears. When you get an answer, even if it's one you didnt particularly want, listen to it.

10.) Loot Council. up?
Before you go running screaming into the abyss because someone mentioned a loot councel let me explain. In a game where there are more players than there are rewards, there has to be a system in place to decide who gets what. I could go on all day about 20 different types of loot distribution. They all have merits and weaknesses. In that regard Loot council is no different. On the upswing there is no real paperwork to keep track of , the management is allowed more time to enjoy the game rather than run a secondary service in the back ground or keep some sort of ledger. (Yay for management) And in a lot of cases allows for a more direct path to success than say zero-sum dkp (if you don't know what that is look it up, it is a pain in the ***** to do, and none is ever really happy.) Now what does that mean to you the player? Well it means you actually have to do your job to get a reward. It means show up on time. But also it means taking responsibility for everything WITHIN your means of control to be the absolute best that you can be (in Despairs Army see your local recruiter for details) it means sometimes you WILL be passed up on loot you think you deserve for someone else for an abstract reason. But it's not all doom and gloom, sometimes you are showered with goodies because your class or spec gives the guild an edge. But last and certainly not least it stops bad players from being rewarded for just showing up. Let me say this again: Even if you, as a player, are THE #1 ranked <insert role/class> whatever, you are still only 1/16 or at best 1/8 of the team. The guild willnot, cannot, be carried by any one player. It is a team effort at the end of the day. The only thing that is certain when loot drops is that you have roughly a 1/8 chance of getting it. So if you dont get it look at the bright side: even if you are the 7th person to get it, you're still beating the odds.

Let me just leave you with this scenario:
You have been to every raid on time, ready to go for 3 weeks, and we have just killed a boss that has been slowing us down . As were are looking over the loot we find a light saber just perfect for you. It has all the stats you want, it's the right type, and best of all its purple! As We do role call for who wants this trophy of awesomeness, the worse (and I mean the worse) Sith Sorcerer we have on the roster says they want it. You have done way more damage then them, you have been here every raid , and not only you but the entire guild knows they suck. But because were doing a zero Sum DKP system they are able to outbid you. What should have been obvious to a blind man, was using a system that rewarded merit rather than simply showing up.
Fierum Was just about to comment on the midnight thing, whether it was a change I wasn't aware of.
Psion a Raid time is NOT Midnight Central, just to clear that up ^^
As some of you may have heard in yesterday's Operation post mortem, we're re-opening the Masochist rank! The requirements are higher and the expectations are too! Find out more information about how to join the Masochists here

Also, we've started our progression into Hard Modes this week as a guild. Sunday, a few brave souls went back into Terror From Beyond to pick up where the Dirty 8 had left off. The results? First two bosses downed in just 2 short hours of work. 

Yesterday, we finished 16-man Toborro's Courtyard and killed the Writhing Terror in Terror From Beyond. Both hard-mode. 

As always, make sure you bring your stims, do research on the next fight we're doing and buy/make/pick-up adrenals. We're going to need them. 

We ask that you do not do Story-Mode operations of Scum and Villainy or Terror From Beyond until the weekends. We will be holding those as reserves in case we don't have the group makeup to do hard-modes. If these are left up after Thursday's raid, we'll start running Groupfinder storymodes to get people the Arkanian pieces they're missing. 

Good job this week so far! Let's keep it going! 
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