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This just in to INN Headquarters from Kaas City, the rebel infested planet of Tatooine has come under Imperial control thanks to the brave hard working men and women of Despair!

Tatooine and it's people officially halted hostilities this morning after a long, hard fought battle that engaged not only rebel forces but imperial ones as well!

Two massive companies clashed over control of the system in a situation uncommon in the Empire. Despair, having been re-deployed from CZ-198, crossed swords with another military force known as Show Your Crits, who also claimed control over the planet at the exact moment Despair did. Imperial military codes were consulted and it appeared a type of Military duel was in order to determine the victor.

Playing out similar to a Kaggeth between Sith Lords, the massive sorties between the two power houses caught the Rebel company from Denova in the crossfire, effectively taking them out of the battle half through the week.

Neither side relented despite having quelled the rebels they both came there for, and the skies were lit up almost constantly by weapons fire, starship explosions and bomber runs.

Finally as both sides started to fatigue, Crits seemed to have the upper hand in the fight. Victory was all but assured to Crits. But it wasn't until the final hours yesterday did the fruition of a great master plan came to light. Lord Filmadeus, Supreme Commander of Despair, hatched a plan early in the fight. Along with technology Darth Psion provided from the recent Czerka victory, Despair outfitted several hundred bombers they had secretly acquired from allies. The daring early morning run was executed swiftly and had devastating results. A planetary bombardment from the Capital ship Despair coupled with several hundred land and space sorties kept the main forces busy, while the bombers payloads were blown over Command camps and other targets of importance.

Supply lines cut, leadership knocked out, and areas of landscape turned to glass due to the sheer power of munitions dropped insured yet another victory for Despair and in the end, the Empire!

(( On behalf of the officers and the GM, let me extend a well fought battle to Show your Crits AND What Happens in Denova. You both gave us a run for our money and we respect you and your guilds for such a fine fight! :)

Everyone did a wonderful job, and we'll keep this momentum up as we look towards the future!


Zissou Yup. Love these. Great job Psion. Looking forward to the next one. I was glad i took part in the final hour missions, bu ...
StrawberryTawnny Very nice Psion, Love the dramatic effect. Did someone always want to be a newsman, LOL That was a exciting moment beyon ...

As the war against the Republic continues, the Imperial war machine, Despair, rolls it's military might past the Outer Rim and the uncharted areas of Wild Space to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy! Working off a lead from the re-established Imperial Intelligence (Refounded by Darth Psion after the Traitor Jadus was displaced) Despair scouts confirmed that the moon known as CZ-198 was in fact a secret Republic Biological Weapons factory. Risking their lives selflessly yet again, Despair's crack military teams struck swiftly. The combined might of ground forces and starfighter companies quickly overran the private security force stationed on the moon.

Czerka Corporation is a galaxy-spanning conglomerate with research labs in both biological and technological war weaponry among other endeavors. It was previously believed that Czerka's allegiance was Imperial, but the latest discoveries on CZ-198 seem to indicate the opposite. The facility overseer on the exotic moon, one Rasmus Blys, had at his disposal a plethora of weapons. Weapons he was set to unleash on Imperial civilians and children!

Or he would have had Despair not acted! After a week long firefight on several fronts, the facility now rests in Despair's control. Imperial Intelligence is combing through the archives inside the facility. Citizens can rest easy, at least for a while, knowing that the Republic weaponry once meant to kill them, is now safely in the hands of the Empire!

(( Killer work again folks, we are undefeated so far. Small reminder that we're looking for ALL players to hit a sweet spot of 35,000 Konquest points a week. Enjoy your victory! We're off to Tatooine next!


Despair Comes to Corellia!

Psion a posted Sep 1, 14  -  NEWSSWTOR

A major blow to the so called Galactic Republic occurred in the early morning today. INN has been able to independently verify that the core world of Corellia is now under Imperial Control. .

Fresh from the carnage of the land battles that ravaged the resistance on Voss, Despair, one of Empire's elite special Operations companies, struck another blow for Galactic peace, this time in the skies above Corellia. A force to be reckoned with on land and sea, Despair's crack starfighter squads were the key to victory this time. Led by seasoned veteran aces, the sheer volume of Imperial ships quickly overwhelmed the ill prepared defenses of Corellia Security. In little under a galactic week, Corellia's entire planetary defense network crumbled under the might of Despair!

Normally a sizable force, Corellian Security's resources were all but wiped out earlier in the war by foolishly resisting Darth Decimus. Despite the death of Decimus, CorSec's losses were not replaced prior to Despair arriving above the skies of Corenet. Let this be a lesson to those who would dare oppose the Empire: Resistance of any kind will lead to nothing but Despair!

(( The officers and Film would like to thank everyone for their contributions, this is our 2nd planet, and now a back to back victory!As we roll into the next week our new target will be announced and we'll see if we can't make it a Three-Peat! A big thank you to our GSF crack crew that got to both earn extra points AND do what they are best at, dominating!

-Psion ))

Voss Fall to Despair!

Psion a posted Aug 25, 14  -  NEWSSWTOR
This just in to INN, the planet Voss has fallen to the Imperial might of Despair!


As troops landed on the impartial planet of Voss, the Imperial Cruiser of Despair hovered over like a beacon of change and freedom to the confused citizens of the world. After a week long struggle that spanned the entire planet, the defense forces surrendered and were processed for "re-education". Several Dark Lords and Darths were present as the planetary government officially signed over a non-aggression pact with the Empire, unlocking it's vast wealth of knowledge and technology to the brave men and women of Despair.

As freedom and justice continues to be brought to the countless savage worlds of the known galaxy, INN will bring you up to the minute breaking news, we now return you to your regular program!

(( Good work everyone! Stay tuned for our next target once we're ready we'll let everyone know which planet we're going after next!


We all enjoy the mumble server, and because it is the central hub around which all of our swtor activities revolve, this deserves front page billing. 

Our mumble server is set to expire in November. Cost to run are about 50.00 annually. If we are going to maintain and independent mumble server beholden to noone but Despair then it is up to Despair to fund it.  So I come to you, friends and fellow gamers and ask you to donate a portion, fraction, whatever you can genuinely afford, towards the mumble server costs betwen now and November 1st when the server is due to shut down.

Simply login to your paypal, and select donate to a friend. most of you have my cell number, but for those that don't email works too:

Thank you in advance for keeping the guild running. Without all of you,  it's just a tag and and empty guild bank.

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