<Despair> Recruiting

Merrilin a posted Nov 15, 16

Despair is currently recruiting for a weekend raid team. The Raid Team raids from 6pm Pacific Time (8PM Central, 9PM Easter) until 830pm Pacific Time on Saturday/Sunday/Monday. We are currently in need of a ranged DPS for the team. All we ask is that you have a basic understanding of your class and rotation and that you are looking to have fun with a group of players who get together toplay the game together. We are not a hardcore progressive raiding group, but we currently are focused on clearing Hard Mode Operations like Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice.

Any person wanting to join must be able to use Mumble, does not mind wiping, and understands that this is a group of adults who engage in mature chats while raiding. We are also looking for any individuals who are willing to substitute on an as needed basis as tanks or healers, or any individuals who are looking to help us as we expand.

With Knights of the Eternal Throne coming out this is a perfect opportunity for new members to join our guild and help us to build new raid teams and have fun raiding together!