Happy Thanksgiving Despair!

Mongo a posted Thu at 5:01

It's time to be thankful and we want to really express how thankful we are to our loyal members, as well as all of those who are new to our ranks!  We are looking forward to continuing to raid and progress while having a really good time.    As this marks yet another chapter in the evolution and life of Despair, as well as all the changes that came with 4.0 and the re-balancing of raids I have reset the raid progression for the guild.

Eat lots of turkey and have an awesome Thanksgiving!

Guild Runs

Merrilin posted Wed at 23:48

If you are interested in doing guild runs (either in 8m or 16m depending on how many people we have on, interested) take the time to let us know which toon you want to bring and the role you are able to bring. Please note that the Guild Runs are separate from the individual team runs, and you should make sure that you are not getting a raid team toon locked out during the guild runs.

Guild Runs are tentatively scheduled for Thursday Nights at 6 p.m. Server time, and run until 830 p.m. Server Time. We will do our best to get everyone in that wants to go, but priority will always be given to those who have signed up. Other rules and requirements may be posted at a future time so it is your responsibility to check the website.

Sign-ups can be found here

This post is a reminder of what is required of the ranks in Despair as we will be cracking down on those who do not meet these requirements, also with raids picking back up in the coming week people current ranks are not set in stone so please read over this so you are not left in the dark.

Casuals: No requirements for this rank since this is exactly how it sounds the casual player who is just here and there with no comittments to raid teams or other activities

Core: Cores are the people who want to raid and must be signed up and placed into a raid team (http://www.despair-gaming.com/forums/m/4262626/viewthread/24760862-raid-sign-ups/page/1 sign ups can be found here) when placed on a raid team a core is expected to show up and be prepared to run what the Raid leader has decided. A core must maintain attendance (no more than two no call no shows a month and must make 75% of raid days). Failure to meet these requirements will most likely send you back to casual until you can show you can meet these requirements.

Masochist: A masochist is a role for those who want to dedicate themselves to helping out the guild. A masochist must have 2 characters of different roles who can perform at the hard mode level. A masochist must raid and perform the role thats needed whenever they are available(i.e. unless real life commitments get in the way). As a masochist if you are available you are required to do this no questions or complaints so its not a role that you should attempt to make unless you're willing to do this. For those willing to become masochists there are benefits to the rank, 1:the two characters used to achieve masochist will both be treated as mains when it comes to handing out gear(this does not guarentee that you will get the gear) 2:craftable gear specifically 220 mainhands when avalable will be made with guild mats for the two toons 3:will be looked to first for other raid items (mounts,weapons,decos, etc)


Now none of these ranks are inherently better than any of the others but this is just to remind/inform those of whats expected of them when they are placed into one of these ranks

Despair Raiding - 16 Man Reboot!

Psion a posted Mar 4, 15  -  NEWSSWTOR

The inaugural 16-Man Raiding of Despair kicked off with a bang this week! As you may or may not know, Despair has always prided itself on it's 16-Man ventures compared to most common guilds 8-Man operations. This week we started a brand new group, devoted to working on strictly 16-Man Content, and it turned out better then anyone had imagined.

Knocking down both Story Modes of Ravangers and Temple of Sacrifice with ease, Despair's battering ram of a operations team began tedious but rewarding work on the Hard Mode Mechanics. Tasked with learning both how to work as a newly introduced team and learn the mechanics, the group was successful at downing both Operations Boss 1 and half way into Boss 2

Stay tuned for more from the front lines of Despair!



Filmadus a posted Jan 30, 15

    Traditionally, most of you know I like to lighten the mood of serious topics with a bit of humor shuffled in.  Unfortunately, I don't feel that is possible in this case.  Several of you knew and were awaiting an announcement this Friday and rather than make the announcment in forums where only members have access I have decided to make it front page news to allow everyone outside of the guild access to the explanation.

    Several issues have converged. This is not the result of any one thing, or 1-person, So the blame game is pointless. Despair by and large for the past few years under my leadership has attempted to be a guild built around the principle that being good in any facet of a game doesn't require us to be assholes or poor sports and that good gamers can be taught but good people, not so much. With regret, our good nature has been taken advantage of on several fronts. Guests in our mumble, welcomed in to play and fly with us, have taken GSF strategies and conquest tips for example, and used that knowledge against us, bragged about it to our face, been poor winners in spite of our ovatures and attempts to be good sports in losing, and in general gone out of their way to label us as elitist assholes to anyone that will listen. Our attempts to fly on ungeared ships, give harbinger flyers a break by flying on different servers, and just not be as overwhelmingly dominating in matches as we otherwise could be as well as being welcoming to any and all interested in flying with us and getting better has proved futile and seemingly fallen on deaf ears to those whos minds are made up that being good = being elitist and a jerk.

     Also, there have been confirmed reports of guests recruiting out of our mumble channel. Regardless of the amount of success or lack thereof, this is universally considered within the gaming community to be bad form.  There is no scenario, ever, that coming into someone else's mumble, another online family's virtual house as a guest, and soliciting people there to join another guild is ever going to be acceptable. That's just a fact of life since the dawn of gaming time.

     Additionally, there have been very strong lines drawn through the gaming community regarding the ravagers exploit. People have entrenched themselves very firmly on either side of this issue. Guilds have ripped themselves apart over it. The punishments have been administered and yet the divide continues within the gaming community. People will have their opinions and are entitled to them. We will have ours. We also have a right to express them privately and remain above the fray of general chat, witch-hunting, and/or rubbing of noses in it. So while we may express our views privately amongst the guild, they are just that. Private.

As such and for the above reasons, Despair mumble will be for guildies only going forward until such time as to be determined that issues subside and are no longer concerns or time heals all things as it has a tendency to do.  Either way, being a drama-averse guild and one of the select few formed since before the game even launched we are gonna get back to doing things the Despair way.


Slugfest Good post, glad it is now guild exclusive.