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Psion a posted Wed at 10:35  -  NEWSSWTOR

Normally we'd be covering the latest Imperial victories in the Outer Rim, however we've just received word from across the galaxy that TOTAL GALACTIC WAR has broken out! From Balmorra to to Belsavis, Hoth to Tatooine, Republic forces have engaged the Empire on all fronts!

Over the Kaas and Korriban several Star Destroyers have gathered in a defensive formation to protect the loyal citizens from further collateral damage from the barbaric forces of the Republic.

From ground pounding combat to massive space fighter sorties, force users and infantry alike are unrelenting in their attacks on the peace keeping forces on Imperial held planets.

The Imperial War Machine, Despair, has been deployed over the planet of Hoth in an attempt to hold it from becoming a Republic Rebel base anytime soon. From the skies above to the underground ice caverns below, the brave men and women of Despair are doing their part to ensure peace, prosperity, and equal rights for human and near-humans is maintained!

But are YOU doing yours?! The Imperial military is holding it's ground at the moment, but they need your help! If you are a human or a near-human (see footnotes for acceptable near-human species) then you may be needed! Inquire at the nearest recruiter now!

Note: Other non essential species are required to report to the Fodder Underling Chapter of Korriban Educational Department for immediate assignment. This is not a request.

(( Good work last week folks, THIS is a big one, the requirements are 50K instead of 35K and we need everyone pulling all the numbers needed to ensure the Empire makes a good showing, not to mention our own name! The officers and GM are going to be as available as possible at most hours for any issues you may have!


A desolate and inhospitable portion of Belsavis known as Section X was the latest plate where Despair served up a heaping helping of Freedom Pie!

In a daring 2-prong attack coordinated with special operations group C.H.I.L.L, Despair finished off the retreating Republic troops routed by their allies from the main field of battle. As day turned to night and back into day, the Imperial forces crushed the remaining forces.

Another incredible victory by Despair was not without it's human element. Locked up in the horrid conditions in Section X were many POWs from various sorties. Not one to leave anyone behind, the brave men and women of Despair freed all of the human prisoners and some of the higher end near-humans from their cells. Most were more then happy to take up arms against the enemy after a bit of encouragement from the crack infantry commanders on the ground!

A spectacular win by the war machine that is Despair, wins that will inevitably inch us closer and closer to victory in a Total Galactic War to come!

(( Another week, another win! Keep up the fine work everyone, remember, it takes more then one person to make a guild! This win is a combined effort! We'll be going after a new planet this week! Stay tuned!

-Psion ))

Rint I liked the Freedom Fries better......

Fresh off their R&R from the tyranny of the Galactic War Against the Republic, elite Imperial War Machine "Despair” deals another crushing blow. This time in the Colonies world of Balmorra, home of legendary Balmorra Arms, and recently liberated from the Republic at the beginning of the war!

Invaded once again by the barbaric forces of the Republic, Balmoraa called out for freedom..and Despair was the answer! Acting swiftly and with little mercy for the heathens of the Republic forces, massive air strikes started off the reclaiming of the planet for the glory of the Empire!

Returning to the conflict was Local 420, once again claiming ownership of the sortie. A repeat of their previous engagement ensued as Despair fought both an Imperial AND a Republic force on two fronts and welcomed the challenge!

Combined with ground combat and massive fleet engagement including the Flagship "Despair” the insignificant resistance put up was no match for the technological, intellectual and sociologically superior army of Despair! Into the night fires burned above and below the planet and as inevitable as the rising sun of Kaas, freedom and liberty was partially restored to Balmorra! Despite neither side of the conflict coming to a decisive conclusion, Despair and Local 420 seemed to come away with a greater respect of each other.

(( Another week, another world is ours! On behalf of our esteemed leader and the rest of the officers we thank everyone who participated and helped make this possible! Stay tuned for our next target!


The Fruits of War!

Psion a posted Sep 23, 14  -  NEWSSWTOR

After a long deployment across the entire galaxy from Voss to the Outer Rim and beyond, the Imperial way of life does not always mean constant conflict for Despair. After their daring final hour victory on Tatooine, the brave men and women of Despair were granted a much deserved R&R period!

Despite being granted this much deserved reward, some of Despair volunteered to help allies across the ever expanding shroud of war brought on by the Galactic Republic! Several members were seen on the battlefield helping C.H.I.L.L and it's forces in their many engagments, while others went on to help the squad code named WAMPA STOMPERS in their efforts.

Some like Darth Psion have decided to take these few precious moments to indulge their hobbies and hone their skills in other areas...

while others have decided to dedicate their free time to help the misguided Republic prisoners of war understand the error of their ways and thus help save many lives by handing over what intel they have...

Be it on the field with our allies or getting some much deserved relaxation from the constant vigil they must keep to ensure our freedom, the men and women of Despair are a shining example to everything the Empire stands for!

(( As most of you know this week was more about relaxing compared to the rough week we had previous. Leadership decided it best to let everyone unwind a bit, and bask in our..well..fruits of war ;) However, this next week we're set on our target! See you in game!

-Psion ))

Hydrospannerx Was the last pic from Crimson Empire? Brings back memories ...

This just in to INN Headquarters from Kaas City, the rebel infested planet of Tatooine has come under Imperial control thanks to the brave hard working men and women of Despair!

Tatooine and it's people officially halted hostilities this morning after a long, hard fought battle that engaged not only rebel forces but imperial ones as well!

Two massive companies clashed over control of the system in a situation uncommon in the Empire. Despair, having been re-deployed from CZ-198, crossed swords with another military force known as Show Your Crits, who also claimed control over the planet at the exact moment Despair did. Imperial military codes were consulted and it appeared a type of Military duel was in order to determine the victor.

Playing out similar to a Kaggeth between Sith Lords, the massive sorties between the two power houses caught the Rebel company from Denova in the crossfire, effectively taking them out of the battle half through the week.

Neither side relented despite having quelled the rebels they both came there for, and the skies were lit up almost constantly by weapons fire, starship explosions and bomber runs.

Finally as both sides started to fatigue, Crits seemed to have the upper hand in the fight. Victory was all but assured to Crits. But it wasn't until the final hours yesterday did the fruition of a great master plan came to light. Lord Filmadeus, Supreme Commander of Despair, hatched a plan early in the fight. Along with technology Darth Psion provided from the recent Czerka victory, Despair outfitted several hundred bombers they had secretly acquired from allies. The daring early morning run was executed swiftly and had devastating results. A planetary bombardment from the Capital ship Despair coupled with several hundred land and space sorties kept the main forces busy, while the bombers payloads were blown over Command camps and other targets of importance.

Supply lines cut, leadership knocked out, and areas of landscape turned to glass due to the sheer power of munitions dropped insured yet another victory for Despair and in the end, the Empire!

(( On behalf of the officers and the GM, let me extend a well fought battle to Show your Crits AND What Happens in Denova. You both gave us a run for our money and we respect you and your guilds for such a fine fight! :)

Everyone did a wonderful job, and we'll keep this momentum up as we look towards the future!


Zissou Yup. Love these. Great job Psion. Looking forward to the next one. I was glad i took part in the final hour missions, bu ...
StrawberryTawnny Very nice Psion, Love the dramatic effect. Did someone always want to be a newsman, LOL That was a exciting moment beyon ...
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